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American Pickers Zombie Apocalypse In Florida

The History Channel’s new season of American Pickers exceeded all of my expectations tonight when the boys continued their journey through Florida and got mixed up in the blood and guts and brain eating of a Zombie Apocalypse!  Okay.  Not … Continue reading

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Finding Bigfoot Special Event…Or Something

My hopes were high for the new Animal Planet series, Finding Bigfoot, until I actually saw it.  Matt Moneymaker and his BFRO (Bigfoot Field Research Organization) not only haven’t found diddly squat, they’ve turned the search for Bigfoot into a … Continue reading

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Pickers and Pawn Stars

The television crossover is a ratings booster that became common in the 1970s and continues to strain our credulity to this day.  The agents from Warehouse 13 show up in Eureka.  Grey’s Anatomy plays doctor with Private Practice.  Sometimes Angel … Continue reading

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