Finding Bigfoot Special Event…Or Something

My hopes were high for the new Animal Planet series, Finding Bigfoot, until I actually saw it.  Matt Moneymaker and his BFRO (Bigfoot Field Research Organization) not only haven’t found diddly squat, they’ve turned the search for Bigfoot into a mystery on the order of  “Scooby Doo And The Reluctant Werewolf.”  They travel to areas that have had recent (more or less) sightings of Bigfoot.  They make resident giant Bobo stand where Bigfoot supposedly stood so they can say, “Nope, Bobo isn’t as tall as what you saw, which was definitely a Squatch.”  They crash around in the woods for an evening, they convince themselves that they hear and see evidence of Bigfoot, and then they go SOMEWHERE ELSE to hunt in spite of the fact that they seemingly thought they were onto something.  What do they have to show for all of this crashing around and Bobo modeling?  Not much.

I decided to give Finding Bigfoot one last chance.  I’m pretty damned foolish.  This Special Event episode was a rehash of the previous season.  Unfortunately, the season wasn’t interesting enough to rehash and I’m not going to try to re-rehash an unrehashable rehash.  

I’ll leave you with a video.  It’s Tim Peeler’s 911 call.  Tim is a Bigfoot witness who lives in Casar, NC, which is near where I was born.  Racmaster00 uploaded a very good Youtube interpretation of the call.  It’s better than anything Moneymaker has showed us.  Click on the purple link and enjoy.


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2 Responses to Finding Bigfoot Special Event…Or Something

  1. JW Manus says:

    If he gits too close ta me, I’m gawn kill ‘im.

    Now that’s a quote to live by.

    • Schnowman says:

      See’d that ar sucker Sat’dy down to the race track, near ’bout big as a panther, I mean a Carolina Panther D lineman, and et like one too…two, three hogs and a deer on top. Thowed down a keg o’ Heiny and burped like a keg o’ dynamite. I lef’ ‘fore he broke wind.

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