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Mummified Severed Human Finger Key Chain On eBay

My quest to report the truth marches on.  This blog showed you Nicolas Cage as a vampire and John Travolta before he was reincarnated.  Now it’s time to give you the finger.  Johnny Baker is having some trouble funding his … Continue reading

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Nicolas Cage And John Travolta Of The Undead

  **Note:  The John Travolta photograph has resurfaced.  If you have $50,000 and want to own it, this might be your last chance!  *Note:  The Nicolas Cage Is A Vampire listing has been removed by eBay, I assume because the … Continue reading

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American Pickers Roll Into Michigan

It’s Monday night and I haven’t been able to get a life this week, so it’s time for me to review American Pickers!  Yay!  Except I had to watch the show, which was a bummer.  The first thing we learn … Continue reading

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