Nicolas Cage And John Travolta Of The Undead

**Note:  The John Travolta photograph has resurfaced.  If you have $50,000 and want to own it, this might be your last chance! 

*Note:  The Nicolas Cage Is A Vampire listing has been removed by eBay, I assume because the seller added a note that half of the million dollar sales price would go to the charity of the buyer’s choice, should the item actually sell.  eBay has very strict rules about charity listings, for good reason.  Listings that devote proceeds to charity must be processed through Giving Works.*

I’ve picked on and off for years, but I’ve never been fortunate enough to find evidence of the undead in smelly barns or musty attics.  Thank God that there are other pickers around to do that for me.  On eBay this week, two sellers are offering antique photos of the celebrity undead.  The Nicolas Cage-Vampire photograph was offered first by an original and amusing seller, but the Travolta Reincarnation photograph deserves recognition for being a very excellent likeness offered by a bandwagon jumper on-er.  

eBay has become an American institution over the years.  It basically crashed the antiques marketplace and the antiques value book publishing industry by offering junk like old typewriters and large wooden spools at affordable prices to collectors who couldn’t think of anything cool to collect.  It offered an outlet for teeming hoards of eBay selling Americans who like to pretend they have jobs instead of actually having jobs.  It created Paypal, which you can use if you want to buy my ebook from, and you know you do.

Stay tuned to this blog for other interesting eBay listings, reviews of American Pickers on the History Channel, and shameless plugs of my eBook of horror short stories about truly horrible picking

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