Reincarnated John Travolta of The Undead Is Baaaack!

This blog reported some antique undead celebrity photos for sale on eBay about a month ago.  The pictures disappeared and the hoopla died away (unlike John Travolta and Nicolas Cage.)  You can’t keep a good celebrity of the Living Dead down.  Despite the ongoing disapproval of eBay, the owner of the John Travolta reincarnation proof photograph will not be thwarted.  I found the re-listed item while looking for weird eBay items for this blog.  Simply listed as “Original 1860’s AMBROTYPE FAMOUS PERSON REINCARNATION?,” anyone who runs across it is going to know damned well who it is.  Those eyes, that hairline, that cleft chin…it’s John Travolta from 1860, you can bet your bottom dollar.  And at a price tag of $50,000, it might cost your bottom dollar if you decide you must own it.

No word on what has happened to the Nicolas Cage Vampire photograph that was also listed on eBay

Be sure to check out the rest of my blog for more weird eBay items, including a Casey Anthony Halloween Decoration for your home.  I also review American Pickers and Finding Bigfoot.  But, most importantly, you should buy my eBook! 

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