Taking A Ride With Seamus, Mitt Romney’s Irish Setter

Dogs Against Romney


Barack Obama is president of the United States of America for four more years.  Did I vote for him?  You bet your ass I did.  In addition to being intelligent and compassionate, President Obama was running against a man who went on a twelve hour drive with his Irish Setter in a kennel STRAPPED TO THE ROOF OF HIS CAR.  

Now, I’ll give you that it has been more than twenty-five years since Mitt Romney took poor Seamus on that memorable vacation.  People can change, right?  They can grow and learn.  But what I heard Mitt Romney say and what I saw him do during his campaign told me that he was exactly the same person who’d treated the voiceless member of his family like luggage and treated his luggage like family.

Gay rights are a huge issue to me.  Mitt Romney said they are a matter for the states to decide.  That pretty much meant that Mitt was just fine with gay people not having the rights that other Americans take for granted.  Think it wouldn’t be a big deal?  Think that people are decent and that gay people would still be okay?  Don’t bet on it.  As a lesbian, I can tell you that your ass is hanging out in the breeze if you are forced to count on the simple human decency of other people.  Four and half years ago, my ex partner of nine years was informed by a nurse when I was hospitalized, “You aren’t her next of kin.  You have no rights.”

There was also this whole 47% of the population that Mitt said, frankly, he didn’t give a shit about.  They don’t pay taxes.  They are victims.  Screw ’em.  One of the 47% is my mom.  She’s seventy years old. She has multiple health problems.  She lost most of her retirement savings in the corporate greed stock market money grab.  She depends on programs that she contributed to her entire life.  Mitt wasn’t saying exactly what he planned to do with Medicare, in fact, most of what voters know about Romney’s health care plan came from his opponent, but his attitude toward my mom’s non-tax-paying ass led me to believe that it wasn’t going to be anything she would enjoy.

The rights of women to earn equal pay and to have reproductive freedom and to not be treated like sluts who got what they deserved (including pregnancies) if they are sexually assaulted, those are biggies for me, too.  The Republican party had some total wingnut candidates coming out with ridiculous statements about rape.  “Legitimate” rape.  “Forcible” rape.  They were obsessed with rape, and they wanted to define it for their own purposes.  People didn’t like it.  The Republican party told the candidates to ix-nay it on the ape-ray talk, but that’s about all the party did.  They continued to support some of these campaigns, and Mitt Romney was in an ad endorsing Richard Mourdock until the end.  Mitt did say that he didn’t agree with Mourdock’s statement that rape babies are something that “God intended to happen.”  However, Mitt’s running mate was Paul Ryan.  Paul Ryan is right in there with the wingnuts, opposing abortion even in cases of rape and incest.  I was horrified by all of that. 

Mitt Romney admits that Seamus rode on top of the car rather than inside of it.  He claims that Seamus enjoyed the fresh air.  I find it hard to believe that Seamus had a great time, especially after he had diarrhea all over himself and the car. Romney had to stop to hose away the mess, which probably left Seamus freezing in the fresh air provided by his owner.   I’m so grateful today that I’m not on a Romney ride that I just can’t tell you.  Thank you, America.

*Please click the picture of the loved dog at the top of the page (or right here) to get to the Dogs Against Romney Facebook page.  With humor, facts, and great pictures of dogs, they kept Seamus from being forgotten and helped keep Romney out of the White House.  Their new page, Watchdog Causes, will move forward with their passionate advocacy of women, children, and families.  First order of business: donating the funds raised by Dogs Against Romney merchandise to an animal welfare organization.  Please show Watchdog Causes some love!*



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3 Responses to Taking A Ride With Seamus, Mitt Romney’s Irish Setter

  1. Mary Pat Altenbern says:

    I couldn’t have said it better!

  2. Kari says:

    You rock my world

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