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Legless and Armless Wonders on AMC’s Freakshow, Episode 7

Eli Bowen (“The Legless Acrobat”)and Charles Tripp (“The Armless Wonder”) were turn of the century human marvels.  They performed feats of dexterity and strength for circus and carnival sideshow audiences.  They are most famous for a single photograph.  It shows … Continue reading

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“This Sorrowful Life” The Walking Dead Kills Off Merle

As Season 3 of The Walking Dead comes to a close, fans have to worry about more than the long, hot, walker-free summer that looms ahead…they also have to worry which characters won’t make it to Season 4. The show … Continue reading

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Strongmen AMC’s Freakshow, Episode 6

Sideshows and freakshows will never see the classic strongmen acts, again.  Men wearing leopard skins, lifting cartoony dumbells with 500s painted on either side, would make modern audiences laugh.  Plus, nobody would pay to see someone who is simply strong … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead, Season 3, Andrea is PREY

Andrea found a cheap dentist at the end of the March 17th episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Andrea, a civil rights lawyer before the walker apocalypse destroyed the job market for do-gooders, can take care of herself, thank you … Continue reading

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Ali Chapman Ties The Knot on AMC’s Freakshow, Episode 5

This week on Freakshow, Todd Ray gave us the wedding of Ali Chapman to Matt McCarthy.  Ali is the host of Ray’s Venice Beach Freakshow, and when Ray heard that the couple was engaged, he set out to top P.T. … Continue reading

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Freakshow Is Hosting A Wedding!

In 1863, General Tom Thumb married fellow Little Person Lavinia Warren. It would be nice to think that it was a love match, but P.T. Barum was the driving force behind everything Tom Thumb did, so the marriage could have … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead: Why Didn’t Rick Kill The Governor?

My pick for Most Annoying Horror Movie In Movie History is the American remake of The Grudge. Here is me watching The Grudge: yowling little cat-ghost-boy-thing pops up on screen, I spill my drink, and yell, “Damnit!” Then, it happens … Continue reading

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AMC’s FREAKSHOW Episode 4 Goes All Pins And Needles

When I was a kid, my very sweet, very gentle, very deadly karate instructor would shove a thick wire through his arm and hang buckets of water from either side of it.  I don’t think everybody grows up with the … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead: Rick Takes A Road Trip In “Clear”

With the Governor of Woodbury knocking on the prison gates, Rick Grimes has decided to take his son on a road trip.  Michonne, Rick and Carl go looking for guns.  Rick seems entirely confident that they will find guns, which … Continue reading

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Bobby Reynolds and Grady Stiles III on AMC’s FREAKSHOW, Episode 3

I visited Bobby Reynolds’ sideshow museum in the 1990s.  It was almost directly across from Coney Island’s famous Sideshows by The Seashore.  There were a lot of displays and reproductions.  Siamese twin mannequin-type stuff.  I think there was a live … Continue reading

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