Ali Chapman Ties The Knot on AMC’s Freakshow, Episode 5

aliwedThis week on Freakshow, Todd Ray gave us the wedding of Ali Chapman to Matt McCarthy.  Ali is the host of Ray’s Venice Beach Freakshow, and when Ray heard that the couple was engaged, he set out to top P.T. Barnum’s wedding of General Tom Thumb to Lavinia Warren. 

Did Ray succeed? Eh, not so much. There was only one P.T. Barnum, after all, and the sidewalks of Venice Beach aren’t Grace Episcopal Church.  The boast that Ray would outdo Barnum soured me a little on an episode that really would have done better to concentrate on being heartfelt and sweet.  Ali’s confession that she thought that marriage wouldn’t happen to her was more touching than any of the festivities that Ray engineered, and Matt’s wild joy over the sight of his bride in her dress added charm (he seemed nearly as excited over a gift blender at the reception).

The guest list was fairly impressive.  Of course the Venice Beach Freakshow cast was on hand, along with a bearded lady and a wolf boy.  One of the things I do enjoy about Freakshow is that a wolf boy can appear on the show and remain just a face in the crowd, although a hairy one.  The Sabu Hobo was also on hand, and he earned money for a wedding gift (and for survival) by allowing visitors to the show to staple currency to various parts of his body. 

I would like to wish Ali and Matt all the best.  I hope that their union is a happy and prosperous one!

I blogged about Tom Thumb’s wedding earlier in the week.  Click on the photo of my Tom Thumb collection if you’d like to read that blog.


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