The Walking Dead, Season 3, Andrea is PREY

season3Andrea found a cheap dentist at the end of the March 17th episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Andrea, a civil rights lawyer before the walker apocalypse destroyed the job market for do-gooders, can take care of herself, thank you very much.  She shoots.  She kills. She works to earn her own place in this harsh world by diddling whoever she thinks is powerful. We even suspect that Andrea diddled Michonne. If she did, it was only because Michonne’s pet walkers obviously weren’t the ones in charge.  If you thought that Lori was setting women back to the Stone Age with her obsession for keeping the men’s clothes clean, you haven’t been paying attention to Andrea’s search for post-apocalyptic security through boinkage.

Andrea The Lawyer finally takes the endless evidence she has ignored all season, puts it together, and decides that her lover, the Governor, is a maniac.  With only her knife to protect her, she goes running off to warn Rick’s group at the prison that the Governor is a maniac.  It’s a hard road that Andrea faces, especially when the Governor interrupts his Michonne torture chamber preparations to go weirdly tooting his truck horn after her.

The episode mainly concerns itself with Andrea’s flight from the Governor through a meat packing plant, but we get a little of Woodbury gearing up for war.  They are collecting walkers to dump on the prison.  Tick tock.  Are we not running out of time to stage a treacherous surprise attack?  We need the time, though, for Tyreese to start suspecting that the Governor is at least as crazy as Rick, only one-eyeder.

Rick prepares for war by standing watch at the prison. A crappy job he does of it, totally missing the Governor snatching Andrea right when she thinks she is safe in the arms of people she constantly supplies with untrustworthy information.  What exactly was she going to say to the group at the prison, anyhow?  “You know how I told you that my boyfriend is perfectly reasonable and you should negotiate with him?  Well, scratch that, I was thinking with my ambitious female parts.  Maggie, you sure look tough and capable…wanna find a cell where we can screw?  Oops.  I meant to say ‘CHAT’.”

Now, an interesting idea that my friend Dee brought up is that perhaps the Governor was bitten by a walker when Andrea set a whole slew of them loose on him in the meat packing plant.  Will the Governor turn during his war, becoming a roaring, ravenous, General Zombie who retains enough spark of his own crazy-assedness to continue the battle with an added undead flair? It’s the kind of surprise that the show loves to unveil, for sure.

And what of Andrea?  Strapped to a dentist’s chair, waiting for her cleaning?  The final two episodes of the season have a lot of questions to answer.  Like Andrea, we wait with bated breath.

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