No More Normal, AMC’s Freakshow, Episode 8

fs-cast-760Episode 8 of AMC’s reality series Freakshow, which follows the fortunes of Todd Ray’s Venice Beach Freakshow, had an air of finality to it. The show celebrates the differences that make us all unique and showcases performers and people who are a little more unique than most of us. I’ve found on the web that eight episodes were made. Fans of the show are surely desperate for more.  If you’d like for AMC to produce more episodes, get over to Twitter and make some noise.  Freakshow is the most popular topic I’ve ever written about on this blog, but I see very few people talking about the show. 

In “No More Normal,” Ray decides to throw a Freak Festival. Special guests from episodes past return to help the resident freaks of Venice Beach spread the word that “Normal” is dead. There’s a parade, a special performance, and Morgue without a shirt. 

Guest performers include returning freaks Billy Owen, the Illustrated Penguin, Half Man Jesse Stitcher, and Armless Wonder Jim Goldman. Molotov, a cowboy who throws flaming knifes, shows up to throw some at resident Brianna.

Brianna. The only performer who got more screwed over for camera time more than Brianna on Freakshow was the wolf boy we never really got to meet. Brianna swallowed some swords, ate a lightbulb or two, and got flaming knives hurled at her. We met Murrugun’s MOM, for God’s sake. It would have been nice to know a little more about Brianna. And the wolf boy.

In spite of a slow start, Freakshow did a very good job with their first season. The show depicted Todd Ray’s attempt to revive a theatrical tradition that is nearly dead, in spite of a rich history. It also spread Todd Ray’s message…that “different” is actually special and unique. In a world where kids are bullied to death and girls starve themselves hoping to look like models, I’m with Todd Ray and his Venice Beach Freakshow. NO MORE NORMAL!!!

If you are interested in reading more about the show, be sure to check out my other blogs under the category Freakshow on the right hand side of this page.

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