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I Would Love Some Amendments To The “Forever Dog” Meme

I just saw that meme on Facebook that drives me crazy, again.  It’s this one…Please read on before you tell me off.  There is a reason I’m running the risk of having people say I’m a heartless bitch who encourages … Continue reading

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Do You Need An Editor? Yes, You Do

A stranger said something nice about something I’d written.  I always take situations like this fairly seriously.  I’m new enough to writing that I’m flattered and grateful. I feel I should make some gesture of thanks.  Flowers?  Tasteful gift?  That’s … Continue reading

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If I’m Not Reading Books, What Am I Reading?

I’m “friends” with a lot of writers on Facebook.  Naturally, I wouldn’t recognize most of them if I saw them on the street, and we aren’t really friends, but I get a sense of what they are like through the … Continue reading

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