The Walking Dead, Season 4-The Governor Returns and People Are Pissed. But I’m Okay WIth It

twd4I was furious when The Governor showed up at the end of episode 5 of season 4 of The Walking Dead.  My God.  I was so tired of The Governor by the end of season 3 that I was ready to scream.  He has always been a villain who didn’t really make sense, to me.  Regular guy turned post-Apocalyptic psychopath and little tin god, he kept heads in aquariums and his zombie daughter in a cubbyhole.  He lived on the hope that a spark of his daughter remained in the shell of her cannibal corpse, and that her real live girlness could be restored.  However, none of this zombie-ism reversal hope was extended to the rest of the walkers, and he merrily used them as gladiator fight entertainment, a terrorist weapon, and tropical fish.  The Governor lies, The Governor cheats, The Governor steals, The Governor senselessly murders innocents, and I’ve never even been sure why he does some of it other than He Is A Bad Man.

I missed the first run of episode 6 because there was an excellent National Geographic special on about Bigfoot DNA.  I didn’t realize that it was a two hour affair, but I’m glad I watched it because it was totally insane.  I vowed, however, to stay up late and catch Rick and his gang on the replay.  I didn’t want to watch Talking Dead.  Spoilers.  So, I signed onto Facebook during the hour break and learned that I was staying up late to watch The Shittiest Episode Of The Walking Dead EVER.  People.  Were.  Furious.  They felt they’d been cruelly and unjustly bored for an entire hour.  One of my friends said, “It was The Governor for the whole show,” and that’s all she told me.  

I was not thrilled to hear that I’d be looking at The Governor for an hour, but I’ll admit that I was also intrigued.  My favorite episodes of The Walking Dead are episodes that a lot of fans thought were batshit boring.  I like the episodes that explore character and morality.  That’s why I like zombie fiction.  I want to know what people would do if the world fell out from beneath them.  I get bored during zombie slaughterfests, honestly.  Could this reputedly boring episode be a new favorite?  Starring The Governor, no less?

It wasn’t one of my favorites, no.  However, I wasn’t bored.  A theme of the show this season is the question, “Do People Get To Come Back?”  Can people under hideous stress who become something they’d rather not be, something everyone around them would rather they not be, hope to recover?  Even with walkers hot to eat them up?  Rick came back from talking to his dead wife on a telephone.  Carl came back from shooting first and asking questions later. Carol may or may not come back from murder as a form of housekeeping and a literal banishment.  What the episode “Live Bait” seemed to be asking is…Can The Governor come back, too?  He wasn’t always Super Turd, obviously.  And he does things in the episode JUST TO BE NICE.  Just to be human.  I thought it was a refreshing change of pace, and it gives me hope for the future antics of The Governor.  If he’s human, it’s a whole new ballgame instead of more of the same.

If that’s boring, bore me more, Walking Dead.  Bore me more. 

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2 Responses to The Walking Dead, Season 4-The Governor Returns and People Are Pissed. But I’m Okay WIth It

  1. dee says:

    well what I actually meant was that they didn’t visit the prison at all I would have been okay with a gov update but I really wanted to see want is going on in he prison too. So sad about chris from talking deads dad passing what a trooper he is to do a show like that.

  2. Debbie says:

    I am so tired of governor. Obviously he’s the same-surviving at the cost of everyone else as we saw on last episode. Sure he’ll kill off new family too. I mean it’s good to have an evil antagonist but two whole episodes wasted on him. Where is Carol & what happened to Glenn & everyone else at the prison? I hope mid-season final will clear a lot of these loose ends up. Very disappointed in the two governor episodes.

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