The Walking Dead And The Luxury Of The Helpless, Mid-season Finale, Season 4

twd4Well, The Governor is dead.  I would ask for a show of hands to see who is happy, but the entire country would cease to function, for a moment.  The Governor died as he lived, nonsensically, and he went out in a typical blaze of WTF Is The Governor Doing? 

The Governor rallied his band of mostly peaceful troops to take the prison from Rick and the gang.  “We are better than them, we deserve it!” was basically their battle cry.  The Governor had hostages to use as bargaining chips…Hershel and Michonne.  Now, who is the better bargaining chip when dealing with Rick’s group?  A beloved father figure to all?  A helpless, maimed old man?  Or some tough sword chick everybody barely knows?  Of course the real bargaining chip was Hershel, and The Governor beheaded him, touching off a bloodbath and the destruction of any usefulness the prison  had to his group.  Go Governor.  Really.  Go.

The episode was gripping, however, and a more than worthy mid-season finale.  The end of the show found the survivors scattered to the winds, with little hope of regrouping, that we know of.  Baby Judith appears to have become Walker chow, and that makes total sense.  Judith was as much a luxury as Hershel, with no place outside of the relatively safe (until the Governor showed up with a tank) prison walls.  The show would have become about keeping Judith quiet and Hershel hobbling, if they’d continued on in the storyline.  In spite of the fact that Judith was little more than a prop in the show, the idea of her being eaten and the impact her empty car seat had on Rick and Carl were very ooky, and I applaud the writers and the actors for freaking me out.   However, I do expect Judith to reappear, at some point, fat and gurgling.  

I’m thrilled that we are finally leaving the prison, although I had just started to enjoy it.  I’m thrilled that The Governor is gone and we won’t have to worry about his crazy ass, anymore.  I’m excited for the last half of the season.  Can we just skip Christmas and move on into February? 

Be sure to check out my zombie efiction!  It’s going to be a long winter.  You’ll need a snack until the show returns. 

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