The Walking Dead, Season Four Finale Predictions

twd4Spring is here. In spite of a terrible winter for most of the country, we’ll soon be seeing flowers, and the weedy mess I call a lawn is already looking shaggy.  The really bad news is that we’ll have to face the pollen and the lawnmowers without television zombies to bolster us up.  The season four finale of “The Walking Dead” airs next week.

Season four has not been without its problems. The show lingered too long over the question of whether the Governor was capable of regaining his heart and mind when the answer was, “Nah, of course not, he’s a crazy bastard.”  The show told us that the prison had become a wonderful, civilized community, but it never showed us that, and it was hard to care about the cardboard cutout characters who were rapidly introduced so they could be just as rapidly killed off.  There was a weird storyline about a little girl who liked zombies better than she liked people, and we were supposed to believe that because…well, just because we were supposed to believe that.  I can’t think of one reason why a traumatized little girl would throw her hat in with nasty, cannibalistic, animated corpses, and the show’s explanation for it (“she’s messed up”) just wasn’t good enough.  When Carol prepared to shoot the dangerous little zombie maker and told Lizzie to “look at the flowers” for comfort, I thought, “Hell, find her a zombie to look at.  That girl isn’t into flowers.”  It was all very manufactured drama, and I didn’t enjoy it.

I did enjoy a lot of the regulars this season, and I’m worried about some of them.  The season finale promises at least one big death.  So, who will it be?

#5     Beth.  When we last saw Beth, she was being whisked away in a mysterious car.  I’m fine with Beth dying, which is why I think she might not.  Not heart wrenching enough.  However, it would give the show an easy main character to kill off, because she’s barely a character, at all.

#4     Carol.  I’m also fine with Carol dying.  There isn’t a lot more to do with that character now that she’s hit the zenith of fake child-killing drama.  I’ve heard that Melissa McBride’s contract was renewed, but that might be false information, released by the show to trick us.  The honest truth is there isn’t much left for Carol to do.

#3     Glenn and/or Maggie.  Big drama would result from the death of half of Glenn and Maggie, not so much from both of them dying.  Glen might be in trouble, but Maggie’s too hot to for the show to lose her.  I hope that neither one of the dies.  Watching one of them mourn would be so boring that I’m crying just thinking about it.

#2     Michonne.  I’d hate to see her go, but they are making her too sympathetic.  She’s Carl’s best buddy.  His rediscovered just plain kid-ishness will disappear if Michonne dies, leaving plenty of drama fodder for the show. She’s almost my number one pick to die.

#1     My number one pick to die is Rick.  It’s a weird thing to say.  Rick is really the main character, and he’s been with us from the first moment of the show.  However, there has been a lot of Carl growing up and preparing to take the mantle of leader.  Rick isn’t a world-saver.  Rick’s a family-saver.  If everyone decides to trot off to Washington with Eugene to deliver the Walker Cure, there isn’t much place for Rick in that.

Predictions?  Anyone?       


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3 Responses to The Walking Dead, Season Four Finale Predictions

  1. vishal4nw says:

    I think carol might die or sacrifice herself to save her old friends! Other than that I think there’s something up with Terminus! Its just seems to weird. I think secretly its a place of cannibalism. Why else lead people there just to save there its a cruel world now. But that’s just my taughts lol

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