Who Will Die In The Walking Dead’s Season Five Mid-season Finale?

walker xmasThere are two more episodes of The Walking Dead before the horrible mid-season dry spell begins.  A bright spot is that the mid-season finale always offers us cliffhanging suspense to agonize over while our families agonize over Christmas.  There are plenty of people who will wander through the holidays wailing, “Why didn’t they spend more time on Daryl and less on people I don’t care about.  Whhhyyyyy!?!” 

Because every season of The Walking Dead is actually two seasons and because the show likes to get their audience all riled up, something big is going to happen.


Eugene might very well die.  As much as the show has enjoyed him and his mullet, Eugene doesn’t have anything to offer since he’s confessed that his zombie cure was self-preserving fiction.  He was peeping Tom comic relief, and that only goes so far.  He’s a coward, a liar, and a saboteur.  With his face beaten in and a sea of walkers on the way, Eugene is baggage nobody wants.

Actually, Eugene’s entire group might die.  Rosita and Abraham are nothing more than extra hands if they don’t have a Blue Brother’s Mission From God to drag people along on.  Yes, they are capable.  Yes, they are capable of brutality.  So is everybody else on the show, and silly hair isn’t a Walker Apocalypse Survival Essential.  Abraham, I’m talking to you, now.

If Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene all die (Tara could go with them as a bonus), we might not lose a main character.  Three or four deaths might slake the show’s thirst for character blood, but Main Character Deaths are where the shock value lies, and we haven’t lost a main character since Hershel (Bob didn’t count).


Maggie and Glen are with Eugene’s group, but I suspect they will be the only ones to escape the Walker herd and return to Rick’s group.  I suspect this just ’cause I do.  The show isn’t ready to lose them, and it certainly won’t lose both of them because there would be endless potential for drama in losing one of them.

Beth is at the top of the Main Characters Most Likely To Die list.  Beth would be pretty easy to lose.  Her own sister Maggie has barely noticed that Beth isn’t around.  When she’s not on camera, I forget she’s on the show.  I assume she has fans, but I suspect that most of them are Amish girls.  Beth might die.  It would be a way of killing off a main character while upsetting only Amish girls who aren’t supposed to be watching the show, anyway.

Carol is my heartbreaker pick for Main Character Most Likely To Die.  We’ve had quite a lot of Carol, lately.  Carol has killed countless walkers, many Termites, and three members of her own group.  She has been a Mom, a “Don’t Call Me Mom,” a battered wife, a teacher, a lone wolf, a loose cannon member of the group, a valuable member of the group, an unrepentant murderer, a survivor of childhood abuse, the cougar who can take Daryl without his fans feeling threatened, and the show’s version of Aliens Ellen Ripley.  I have friends who strongly disagree, but I think Carol has nothing left to do but take a bow. 

In any event, there are only two episodes left in 2014, and I think somebody is gonna die.  Feel free to share your own predictions right here. 

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