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The Scattershot Approach To Focus In Writing

I wish I had more time to write.  I wish I didn’t have to brave the outside world to make my living.  Leaving the house is good for me, of course.  There is a lot to be said for staying … Continue reading

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Amazon and The Zombie Apocalypse- Junk Mail

Amazon bought Goodreads. It was big news. Goodreads is a popular social network where readers connect with each other, connect with authors, and review and recommend books.  It’s a very active community. Amazon wants to incorporate the site into their … Continue reading

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The fangs flashed in front of my face for a third time, coming dangerously close to my nose.  I slowly moved my shining, sliver blades in front of the creature’s eyes, hoping to…I don’t know what I was hoping to … Continue reading

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